Preventing Blocked Drains

Why do drains block?

From time to time, all drains and waste pipes become blocked and will require cleaning. Unfortunately, until this happens, few people give a second thought to maintenance and their drains are generally subjected to unwitting abuse and neglect.

Drain blockages are commonly caused by everyday items such as grease, fat, soap, leaves, roots, dirt, silt, baby-wipes, sanitary products and litter. This collects inside the drainage system until the build-up causes the drain to become blocked. Other causes include drain defects and collapses.

Drain jetting has proved to be the most effective method at removing any type of blockage and restoring flow to the drains, whilst CCTV camera surveying is the ideal method to determine whether a structural fault exists.

Blocked Drains

Often the first indication that you have a blocked drain will be when the toilet fills up after flushing or a manhole or gully overflows into your garden.

Structural Drain Defects

Underground drains and sewers can suffer from structural defects caused by tree roots, vehicle weight, ground movement, faulty and leaking pipe joints, subsidence and general wear and tear; all of which can lead to a structural defect and result in a blockage in the drain run.

Preventing Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be unpleasant, causing nasty odours, overflowing of toilets, gullies and manholes, and can be an environmental and health hazard; not to mention being generally unpleasant and the potential to be costly.

The majority of blockages can be avoided and are usually caused by disposable items and mis-use.

General Housekeeping Tips –

  • Do not flush away any disposable items that are insoluble such as wet wipes, baby wipes, nappies, sanitary items and tissues.
  • Regularly flush pipework with disinfectant
  • Keep toiletries, air fresheners and children’s toys away from locations where they may fall in to the toilet pan.
  • Regularly remove hairs from the sink, bath and shower plugholes and traps.
  • Do not dispose of cooking oils, fats or waste food in the kitchen sink and periodically empty the trap.

External system maintenance –

  • Regularly remove leaves, debris and rubbish from external gullies, drain grids and guttering.
  • Ensure drain grid and covers are in place and undamaged.
  • Never wash excess paint, engine oil, cement or fat in to external gullies or drains.

Regular Planned Maintenance –

  • Lift external inspection chambers periodically to inspect that the drains are free flowing and that there is no lime scale, fat or grease build up.
  • Clean gutters and down pipes every six-twelve months.
  • Clean out gully traps on a regular basis
  • Employ a drain company such as Suddenstrike Drain Care to carry out regular maintenance such as drain jetting, de scaling and gutter cleaning.

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