Blocked Drains and Drainage Issues During Bad Weather

Long periods of heavy rain and wind can force large amounts of water and debris into drainage systems

The last couple of weeks have brought us storms with prolonged heavy rain and strong winds, and there is still more to come. This can create issues with drainage systems and areas that do not have suitable systems in place.

Blocked Drains

Large amounts of rainwater is pushed through drainage systems, along with any silt, debris and litter that’s in its path. This could add to an existing blockage, or create a new one as it builds up over time. During autumn and winter months, ensure that leaves and debris are cleared out of your outside drains to prevent them from being pushed further through the system.

If the blockage cannot be cleared, or you think there may be other issues, we can carry out a CCTV survey. This will show if there any any blockages or damage within the system.

Drains that are connected to kitchen sinks and bathrooms have a higher chance of blockages if items that cannot be broken down are washed or flushed through the system. To help prevent frequent blockages, there are many common items that should be disposed of correctly in household waste or compost:

  • Grease, fats & oils
  • Wipes (even ones that state they are flushable)
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Food waste
  • Paper products (only toilet paper should be flushed)
  • Old or unused paint

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If you experience frequent water-logging and flooding in your garden or on an area of land, you may need a more efficient drainage system. A soakaway is a common way to return surface water to the surrounding land, it is a low maintenance and cost effective solution.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered before installing a soakaway, including location, depth and if the soil that will surround the soakaway is suitable for infiltration.

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