Providing Vital Services During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

We are taking extra steps to ensure our staff and customers are safe, whilst we still provide much needed services.

Our team have always been, and will continue to be provided with protective clothing and sanitiser. We are taking extra steps to ensure that the safety of our staff and customers is at the forefront of our service.

Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, there are some services that remain vital to homeowners and businesses across Cheshire.

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Blocked Drains

Drains can become blocked over time with a build up of fat, grease and oil. These cooking products will solidify in the pipes and gradually build up. This is very difficult to get rid of by using household cleaners and rods. We have a high powered water jet that will cut through tough blockages.

Recently as there has been stockpiling and panic buying of toilet roll, the next best thing has been kitchen roll and wipes. Anything other than toilet roll should not be flushed, as they do not break down like toilet roll does. A build up can form quite quickly and can cause problems further down the system for other homeowners.

Blockages do happen over time, however you can lessen the need for unblocking if you dispose of all cooking materials and non flushable items correctly.

CCTV Drain Surveys

If you experience recurrent blockages or problems with your drains, we may need to carry out a drain camera survey to find the cause of the issue. This could be a difficult blockage, displaced pipes, or broken pipes.

Once we have found the problem, we can identify what we would need to do to fix it. We can provide a free quote for any further work needed.

Repairs & Installations

Older systems may be in need of repair or replacement sections. If there are recurring issues with your drains this may be an overall cheaper option than having to continually unblock the system to keep it running freely.

We can send our team to carry out a CCTV survey to find out exactly what needs to be done, following that we will provide a free quote, and schedule in the work if this is accepted.

Regular Drain System Cleaning

Some systems that have a lot of use or are prone to blocking, particularly school kitchens and playgrounds, need regular system cleans to keep the drains running smoothly.

We can provide regular system cleans to significantly lessen the chance of a serious blockage and minimise disruption.

For any drainage issues please contact us on 01270 619 147 or

We are still operating as normal, all of our staff are fully equipped with protective clothing and sanitiser. The safety of our staff and customers remains our top priority.

Take care, and give us a call if you need any help at all. We also provide pest control, fencing, groundwork, deep cleaning and clearance.

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